DUO Home Show Special Feature: Live Edge Reclaimed Walnut Table By: DuoBuilding

April 11, 2015
Waste Diversion

DUO Building has partnered with the talented team at McKaskell Haindl Design Build to showcase a beautiful  reclaimed walnut dining table at the London Home & Garden Show (April 10-12th at the Western Fair District Agriplex). We wanted to share the story behind this amazing piece of hand craftsmanship.

1) This particular tree was mortally damaged by a storm and was subsequently taken down by a hydro crew – it was not harvested for timber.

2) The wood was found just outside London by our local sawyer, this tree grew close to a residential area within 100KM of The Agriplex in London.

3) From discovery – to sawing – to drying – to being made by us into a series of three different dining room tables, this tree travelled from where it grew to a sawmill just outside Aylmer to our shop in London – it is inherently local and has travelled far less than commercial lumber typically would.

4) The tree was passively air-dried by us requiring no additional energy or special equipment to season the timber: a patient, old world method which helps preserve the natural colour variations of hardwoods like Black Walnut – colour variations which tend to be lost in the kiln drying process.

5) Usable timber in this particular tree is not lumber grade and it would have been discarded or cut into firewood had it not been salvaged by us for future use; and, because the timber is eccentric it makes for a more interesting table surface – appropriate as a focal point.

6) Because we had the lumber milled extra thick – is not ideal for cabinetry, but rather lends itself to creative uses such as the solid lumber furniture we are making with it.

7) We have used a durable, HAPS free water-borne conversion varnish – Zenith, by Valspar – the best, environmentally-friendly finish we could find; plus, the simple design and thickness of the lumber allow for multiple refinishing possibilities as the surfaces wear over the years.

8) By making something with future heritage in mind we have ensured that, with proper care of the furniture it’s been made into this tree’s legacy will last long enough – generations – for a new tree to grow back and take its place in the circle.

Join us at at the London Home & Garden Show to see and touch this beautiful piece,  along with other innovative products which demonstrate the 5 main principles of responsible, healthy home building practices.