Inspiration Binder By: DuoBuilding

October 12, 2010
General, Renovation Planning


Grab a binder and some slip sheets and get started!


Planning a Renovation? You might have a project coming up, or budgeting for one down the road. A piece of the planning puzzle that is equally important to your needs and the budget is your overall vision. Having a file with images of rooms and interiors you like is a great way to communicate with Renovator’s like us.

Stash all of those ideas, magazine pictures, brochures, paint and fabric swatches – in a binder. It’s also helpful to collect pictures of things you don’t like. These visuals are invaluable when communicating your ideas to others. This process of collecting works so well and is so easy, almost all professional Interior Designer’s do it. They (Interior Designer’s) call them ‘cut sheets’, because they literally cut them out of magazines.


Grab some magazines and tear & save what you like.


Showing a photo of a kitchen you love is much more concrete than saying that you like “classic” or “modern” styles. Better yet, as these images typically show us Renovator’s what kinds of materials you prefer, we can help you develop viable project budgets that will match the final quotation.