Kitchen Renovation in Westmount By: DuoBuilding

February 12, 2013
Kitchens, Renovation Planning

We thought we would share one of our most recent kitchen renovations with you, completed for a fantastic family in the Westmount area. The existing kitchen had a strange layout with two mirrored peninsula islands that really disrupted flow. Additionally, the built-in breakfast bar and dining area was not being utilized well so we reclaimed that space for better utility. The kitchen now has two islands, one dedicated to food prep near the fridge and range, and the other close the living room where family and friends can pull up a stool and grab a snack.

The space was quite large when you removed the original cabinetry and the locations of the existing windows had great views to the backyard. Additionally, we kept some of the services like the sink, dishwasher and fridge in the same location to reduce costs. Our in-house team did all of the design work for this project and look forward to helping the next family with their reno challenge.

D15_DUO_P3 Pickering Image1

Original kitchen (window, fridge and sink locations remained the same)

D15_DUO_P3 Pickering Image2

Notice the built-in wine fridge and two distinct islands creating a social space and a food-prep space

D15_DUO_P3 Pickering Image3

Original pantry and peninsula island (opposite the wall with the fridge and sink)

D15_DUO_P3 Pickering Image4

New built-in shallow pantry units flank the wall and allow for ample circulation space

D15_DUO_P3 Pickering Image5

Looking towards the sunken living room (windows, fridge and sink have remained in the same location)

D15_DUO_P3 Pickering Image6