Open house this weekend! By: DuoBuilding

July 18, 2011
Community Aid, General

This weekend we are proud to announce open houses held at two of our finest projects, The Raleigh House (circa 1866) and The Blackfriar Residence (circa1870). Both homes are historic landmarks in the city of London, and for the first time can be seen together in all of their glory. All proceeds from the open house are being donated to The Unity Project, for relief of Homelessness in London. Read more about the Unity Project here. For more information about times and ticket prices, please call our offices at 519-434-0960 and speak with Fay.

The Raleigh House has just completed a breathtaking transformation from a sorority home to a private estate housing three luxury condominiums. With the renovation and grounds restoration being completed just this week, this may be your only chance to see this project before the condominiums are sold to private owners in the coming months.

“The Raleigh House was home to many prominent London citizens in the second half of the 19th century. It was built in circa 1866 and first occupied as a rental property for Captain Grant, of the British Garrison and George Becher Harris, an important London lawyer. Harris purchased the house in 1871 and owned it until he moved to his family’s home, Eldon House. James Cowan, a subsequent owner, founded the famous London hardware store, James Cowan and Co. and also served as a Mayor of London, in 1887 and 1888. In 1943, the house became the residence for the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, who occupied it until 2005.” from

Historic image of Raleigh House from the city archives. Come see the transformation this weekend.

Next door the Blackfriar Residence will also be open along with its beautiful grounds. The Blackfriar Residence known most famously as the Bishop’s Residence in London was converted to private condominiums in 2010.

The amazing grounds of this private estate will also be open during the open house.

The Blackfriar Residence 2009 - before its amazing transformation.