Arva Whole Home

The Ask:

This house was broken up into principal rooms that were disconnected and isolated from each other. The client wanted DUO to design a space that allowed the rooms to feel connected while making the whole space entertainment-friendly, and creating a more functional kitchen.

The Solution:

The DUO Solution was a welcoming kitchen with lights, music and action. The existing dining room wall was removed and the new kitchen now uses the entire footprint that used to be the kitchen and dining room. We designed the space with two large islands that have multiple functions for this entertaining family. The formal living room that no one used is now a beautiful spot to dine. The larger island accommodates space for food preparation while the secondary island keeps the “kitchen crowd” at bay, yet close to all the culinary action. Another benefit of large islands is the ability to provide storage that otherwise requires visually impairing upper cabinetry. Without the need for uppers, large picture windows now flood the space with natural light that everyone wants in their luxury kitchen. In fact, the windows required a special film system to reduce solar gain caused with the larger quantity of glass. A small tab wall was removed requiring some structural renovation to the second floor, and, though it was just a couple feet of wall, it all the difference for overall flow around the massive islands. For that reason, this project is an excellent example of how small changes can make major differences. Probably the best part of this project is the fact that DUO delivered on schedule and budget; a common occurrence when using our extremely professional services.

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