Oakridge Addition

The Ask:

This house had one bathroom on the second floor that was shared by everyone in the house. The client wanted additional floor space for their master suite without ruining the curb appeal of the home.

The Solution:

The DUO Solution was to add a space above the garage for the master suite, while keeping the same look of the home. We feel this has been achieved while creating a unique home to the area that still blends well with the houses around it. Starting with a blank slate was the best option for this project, so we were left with a ten foot wide footprint. A six foot vanity with double sinks was placed in the center of the space allowing a two foot opening on each side. To one side of the vanity, an oversized, double shower with transom window and bench seat. The opposite side houses a convenient storage area that is out of sight, keeping clutter away from the vanity. The six foot vanity is a focal point of the room, but the design was kept clean and simple to achieve a modern styling; all the more reason to keep it clutter free. Base boards and casing are also simple square stock and panel style doors keep the modern theme. In floor heat under the large tiles carry through the bathroom until meeting with the large walk in closet that is adjacent to the master bath. The hallway between the two spaces was intentionally left wider than usual to keep an open feeling and allowed light from the front bay window to spill onto the bathroom floor. Existing master bedroom ceiling is carried through to the new addition. If you didn’t see the house before, you wouldn’t know the addition was there.