Old North Bathroom

These homeowners are valued, long-time Duo clients so when they came to us with a bathroom dilemma, we jumped at the opportunity to work with them again.

The existing bathroom and walk-in closet were restricted in function and design. The closet could only be accessed through the master bathroom which encumbered the function and use of both spaces. It just didn’t work. The solution was to combine the closet and bathroom into a single room. This design created an open-concept area shared by both functions, resulting in a luxurious bathroom with ample, highly-organized closet space. The room now feels larger, uncluttered and streamline.

Function, style and convenience were at the heart of all design decisions. Beautiful cabinetry and custom doors were designed to hold all of our clients’ clothes, personal items and household supplies. A white colour scheme was used to seamlessly blend the cabinetry and wall tile, creating the look and feel of a larger space. The bright and open glass shower area is a far cry from its dated predecessor. The vanity top is a one-piece custom carved soapstone top and sink. This interesting material choice matches the clients’ eclectic taste and travel experiences. The end result is a contemporary space that is clean, sleek and personalized.

We effectively created a functional and aesthetic space to and brush your teeth, pick out your tie and have a last look in the mirror before beginning your day.



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