Woodfield Bathroom Bathroom

All materials were locally sourced and some of the beams and the tub caddy were made out the studs from the walls. The tub caddy was created custom to fit the new bathtub so that the homeowner can leisurely read and sip on a glass of wine while they soak. Our carpenter sourced the railway spike that holds the book from the railway tracks three blocks away from this home.

The look of the bathroom is classic and modern. White dominates all choices in products to showcase the porcelain tile inlay and the natural wood cabinetry. The refurbished double sink vanity was fitted with a stone top. The cabinet was sourced from a local antique shop.

The glass used in the shower is low iron star fire tempered glass. This gives a crystal clear look to showcase the tile and the inlays. The porcelain floor is heated by hydronic in-floor heating which uses water and is more energy efficient than alternative methods. The triple brick walls in this heritage home keep the space cool eliminating any need for A/C. This design fit with the client’s request for energy efficiency and natural products.

The bathroom mirrors have hidden medicine shelves to keep the area looking sleek and minimal while adding storage and function to the vanity space.

Overall, our client is super happy with this new space and said she would like to live in this room if she could.

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