Raising the Roof on the Wolmur House By: DuoBuilding

March 27, 2019
Unique Custom Homes


One year ago, we introduced you to the Wolmur house, the largest project DUO has undertaken. Much has changed since then. It has been a year of foundations and framing, increasing square-footage and perfecting the project plans.

Recently, the Wolmur House has entered a new stage in its development: roof construction.

Installing the roof of the Wolmur House was particularly challenging. It demanded that the new structure tie into the home’s existing design, create accessible, liveable space in the attic, and fit the homeowners’ vision of remaining true to the building’s original architectural features. This was no small endeavour.

Most new homes built today use pre-fabricated roof trusses manufactured in an off-site facility. Not so at the Wolmur House. Given the complexity of design, the decision was made to use the stick framing method of construction. This required every piece of lumber to be measured, scribed and hand-cut on site by a DUO team member. The roof features multiple pitches, multiple intersections and compound angles in all directions. This created a geometric challenge to ensure all materials joined at the proper angles to create clean peaks. Stick framing requires larger, non-standard lumber dimensions, so even the sourcing of ridge material for this project posed unique challenges!

When it is finished, the roof will deliver the aesthetic and functional objectives established by the homeowners. The shale shingles will eventually cover the intricacies of the roof framing; however, the skill and craftsmanship of its construction will be evident in its sight lines and architectural features.

A house of this calibre deserves a roof to match and our DUO team clearly met the challenge.