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Do you charge for an estimate?

Estimates themselves are free. And so is our expertise!

If your renovation requires a site measure and preliminary drawings, we do charge a nominal fee to do so. When the contract is signed we refund any charges previously made for a site measure and preliminary drawings.


Is my project to small for Duo Building?

Probably not, call us! We will discuss it with you. We design + build everything from decks and bathrooms to large additions and whole home renovations. We also can offer repair services and small tuneups to your existing home.


How much will my project cost?

Construction projects have a notoriously high number of variables to consider. In order to provide an accurate budget for your requirements it is best to have one of our team members visit you to discuss your needs and wants. After the initial visit and a high level discussion about the scope of work required, a site measure is usually needed to provide accurate measurements on the existing building. A proposed layout can then be generated for a small fee which will help with estimation activities. Once you become excited about the proposed designs and ideas for your renovation, Duo can provide a detailed budget breaking out all categories and costs for your renovation at no additional cost. Your home is now well on it’s way to becoming your dream home!


How is Duo different from other contractors?


We are an established company since 1979! Our impeccable reputation is that of quality and service. Not everyone can say they’ve been around as long as DUO. This means that again and again we have produced top quality projects to many satisfied customers many of whom return for a second, third or more projects.

The DUO Team

We provide a friendly licensed carpenter who is onsite every day and on time to make your project a reality. The carpenters of DUO Building are backed by a strong team who between them hold more than 150 years of construction experience. Our sub trades share the same professionalism and dedication to quality that DUO expects of ourselves and due to our high volume of projects, sub trades always provide their services to us promptly. Take a look through the “About Us” section of our website to learn more about who we are.

The Duo Cloud

Success in construction projects is based on how well we communicate. We do this in spades with our new secure Duo Cloud web based system. This acts as a home base to your renovation activities. Carpenters provide log entries and pictures for job progress along the way. Change orders are delivered via the Duo Cloud and you can approve them right online providing a very fast turn around on unanticipated changes which would otherwise hold up the schedule. Speaking of which, we also provide a full schedule online that you can follow keeping you up to date with what’s going on that day, week or month. Any questions? You can now ask your team leader, carpenter or even the project estimator a question through the Duo Cloud. By doing so your inquiry is seen by all stakeholders in the project and answered promptly and accurately by the appropriate party.


What kind of renovations do you do?

From the smallest bathrooms to large-scale commercial projects, DUO Building has experience delivering a wide scope of projects. Structural alterations, kitchens, additions and whole home renovations are just a sampling of what we’re about. We’re adaptable and ready to help you realize your goals whatever they might be.


I've heard Duo is more expensive than other contractors?

DUO Building is not expensive. We believe in providing an accurate budget to accomplish the project scope. All inclusive design build and service. Warranty. Well written contracts. We provide a complete service from design to after construction service complete with a 3 year warranty.

We will give you a well written contract that accurately specifies what you will get for your money, no surprises. We use skilled trades and professionals who are good at what they do and stand behind all of their work. We handpick our team to work on each project. Customer service and ongoing communication is key to ensuring the projects are done well and meet our customers needs.

We have a fast and accurate method for project changes as they come up so that you can decide in advance if you want to go ahead. We keep you informed and involved all the way through the process.

We service what we build. Just give us a call and we will be there for you.


What is the first step for initiating my project?!

Call us, email us or come by our office then let us do the rest! DUO Building is a full service design build renovation specialist. We know how to do what it is you’re hoping to achieve. Let us guide you through it.


How does your process work?

Let’s look at seven steps that turn your dreams into realities, comfortably.

Step 1 – Give us a Shout

Speak with a team member and briefly describe your project vision. Your project is now started! A renovation consultant will return your call within a few business days to schedule a meeting.

Step 2 – Wanna Meet?

One of our very experienced representatives will meet with you to listen to your needs. Our goal is to start a long-lasting relationship right from day one. You will be impressed with our team from the first time you call, email or visit. Our team members are friendly, knowledgeable and interested in providing creative, solid recommendations towards your goals.

Step 3 – Designs and More Consultation

Moving forward with your renovation from the discussion stage means putting pen to paper (these days usually a mouse click or two) and creating an ideal, creative and accurate layout to baseline the scope of the project. To do this, a site measure is required. We measure every nook and cranny in the place! A professional existing and proposed layout is generated from these measurements. The estimation team gets busy crunching numbers and a detailed budget with construction category breakdown is provided to give you a better idea of your project costs. We will often initiate a trade visit where sub trades meet with us at your project location. We provide the trade experts (such as plumbers and electricians) with all of the required project information. This also provides you with a great opportunity to meet the sub trades who will help deliver project perfection.

Step 4 – The Seriously Friendly Contract

Once again you’ll meet with your DUO rep for a presentation of your proposal. We will walk you through a very detailed list of activities line by line and answer any more questions or concerns you may have along the way. Some items in the contract might change during this meeting and that is okay! We will adjust accordingly to make sure you’re comfortable with every aspect of your project. When you are confident in the proposal we ask you sign the contract and provide a 10% deposit. Now you are part of the DUO Building family. Your project is immediately lined up for a start date and one step closer to completion

Step 5 – Can I Introduce Myself?

A project team leader will contact you (often the same guy you already know) to set the official start date. On that day we will show up to your door armed with the required equipment to start protecting your house from renovation activities. Before prepping the renovation you’ll meet the lead carpenter who is responsible for the most important part: building your dream. A DUO Cloud account is set up for you to easily check the project schedule and view any documents or photos relevant to your project.

Step 6 – We build it

It is that simple. Working with you every step of the way.

Step 7 – Final Walk Through

Upon completion, our project team leader meets with you for a walk through of the project ensuring all goals are met. Six months later we call to ensure you are still satisfied with the finished product. We also provide a three-year warranty on our workmanship. We are famous for our no-hassle service well after we leave. You truly have peace of mind when you choose DUO Building as your contractor.


When would you be able to start?!

Let us know when you would like to start. Some clients wish to begin ASAP while others prefer to wait for the next season. Whatever your needs, we are here to serve you. We will do everything in our power to start at a convenient date for you. Furthermore, if we are experiencing a particularly busy period, we will let you know early in the process so that there are no surprises.


How far will you travel for projects?

Based in London, Ontario, we will travel up to 100km around London. We have completed projects in Chatham, Stratford, Grand Bend, St. Marys, Delaware and Port Stanley just to name a few.