Using Reclaimed Materials By: DuoBuilding

June 18, 2010
Green Products, Reclaimed Material

A table for a client made from bowling lane rescued from the recently closed Huron Brunswick Bowl on Adelaide St.

We’ve all heard about how using reclaimed materials can offset the environmental impact of a renovation. While this is true, using reclaimed materials in a renovation also adds unique individuality to your project. Beams from an old church for flooring, recycled glass for tiles in your shower, or even a bowling alley lane?

In the early winter of 2010, our team along with Blueline Design Services were presented with the opportunity to reclaim materials from the closed Huron Brunswick Bowl on Adelaide Street. Initially we were unsure what could be re-used for our residential projects but with a quick brainstorm we were set. The bowling lanes are made from 2″ thick solid maple and would make for excellent kitchen counter tops and dining tables. Without this inventive new use, the lanes were destined for the landfill.

The interior of Huron Brunswick Bowl during our lane rescue.

With a little bit of imagination and hard work, the lanes have been salvaged and are making their way into our projects. We’ve just installed one as a new island counter top in a cottage project in Port Stanley last week (pictures to come soon!). We’ve got lots of lane left if you’d like to talk to us about using it in your own kitchen renovation. If you can’t quite imagine how it would look in your own kitchen, our integrated design/build services and 30 years in the industry will help you add it to your dream kitchen project.

We’ve got many reclaimed material options available to you and would love to show them to you for any upcoming projects you’ve been thinking about.