Vintage Wine Barrel Flooring By: DuoBuilding

October 14, 2010


Cooperage Collection is made up of the barrel lids


The world of reclaimed materials for residential use continues to grow! We found this while looking for a flooring material for a client’s new wine cellar. The material is recovered from wine barrels as they end their usefulness to mature wine.

“… oak barrels are costly and have a short lifespan, with new French oak barrels costing up to a grand and lasting about a decade before they can no longer do the job. That’s a lot of barrels going out of commission every year.”
From TreeHugger

Fontenay Woods, the manufacturer of the material makes three different collections from the reclaimed barrels. Wood taken from the barrel lids is put in the “Cooperage” collection,  the interior pieces that has soaked in the rich reds is put in the “Wine Infusion” collection,  and the “Stave” collection is the weathered pieces from the outside of the barrel.


Wine Infusion Collection


Pretty amazing the materials we have available to us with a little bit of research. If you have any materials you’re wondering about or don’t know where to find shoot us an email at


Stave Collection from the barrel exterior, notice the hoop marks