Why I love architecture By: DuoBuilding

February 10, 2017
Design, Renovation Planning

Hello! I’m Steve, Duo Building’s In-House Designer. I’ve been an architectural technologist for 15 years – involved in design and construction – and I love what I do. There are ups and downs with every project, but it’s the satisfaction of a job well done that has kept me fascinated with the field of construction.

Here’s why:

License for creativity!

Every new job site has many new and different components. As in all jobs, understanding your end goals at the beginning of the project is key to a job well done. And creativity is often the vehicle for reaching the end goal with awesome results.

Satisfaction of breathing new life into existing spaces

The construction process is full of ups and downs. That is why there is nothing better than putting a smile on a client’s face at the end of a project.

Being in a consistent learning environment due to an evolving industry

It feels like architecture is constantly changing due to new products and new minds, which have different ways of seeing the industry. I always welcome meeting like-minded professionals and learning about new technology. The learning process never ends!

The positive impact on people’s lives

Many clients usually have a financial limit. Whether I’m designing an addition to accommodate a growing family, or designing a restaurant to support many families, a large part of my success is working within a budget and getting the home or business owner exactly what they need and then some.

A great variety of options within the profession

Drawing is just one component in the creative process. A successful project involves many hats. DUO Building is truly a dynamic team. Working with them makes me appreciate how important it is to work with professionals with unique skills, and is why I love working in this multi-faceted industry. From project management to material choices to contract management, DUO Building offers clients an exceptional talent pool. It is an honour to be part of this awesome team!

When I’m not designing homes and offices, I am playing and coaching baseball, making films, and enjoying life with my two young children.